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El-Shareef – Dibs

Another day, another dope new artist out of Milwaukee. This is El-Shareef a kid who can just simply spit. He’s got the cadence and flow for it and that’s a huge step ahead of the competition. Listen to his latest song “Dibs” down below.


Javon “X” Johnson – Vanilla Sky

Following in the theme of the last post, here’s another great Soundcloud find, even though the song dropped a couple weeks back. This is Javon “X” Johnson and on top of a hard hitting beat, he lets his deep, eery voice be the tone setter for the deceivingly bright titled song. This is also the…


JOBA – Sad Saturdays

Although this dropped a month ago, it’s still very deserving of some shine. I originally caught this when Kevin Abstract reposted it on Soundcloud but I forgot to post it but I was just reminded of the song by Ok-Tho and hence, here’s the post. JOBA is yet another very talented artist from the Brockhampton…

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