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Jimi Tents – Axis

Brooklyn up and comer Jimi Tents dropped this very real, lifelike song “Axis” a little less than two weeks ago and while I apologize for missing it at first, it doesn’t mean I’ll let it get by. You guys need to hear this and that’s all the criteria we need for a post to go…


This Month In Soundcloud (August 2015)

Fashionably-Early presents: This Month In Soundcloud (August 2015). Fashionably-Early’s “This Month In Soundcloud” series consists of songs that have been blogged about over the course of the month, as well as standouts & buzzing tracks from albums, mixtapes, etc that were released in the time frame. Just like the basis Fashionably-Early is ran on, the…


Cam James – Blah Blah

Cam James has always been able spit, ever since we’ve known him, he’s been able to spit and that’s been a long time. But since then, he has also progressed so much. He gets better and better at spitting with each song and more importantly, he’s becoming a better song writer. Here’s his latest, a…

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