Action Bronson Reveals The Tracklist To ‘Blue Chips 7000’

There was a time before the VICE deal and before the Atlantic deal that Action Bronson was putting out about 3 new projects each year. It’s not that Bronson’s not hungry like that anymore but there’s just a lot more on his plate now, it’s no longer a one course meal. This new album Blue Chips 7000 feels like it took an eternity to get here mainly because of that old prolific rapping Action Bronson we’d been used to. Realistically, the nearly two and a half years that it took between his last album Mr. Wonderful and this new one Blue Chips 7000 really isn’t long at all.

Action just went ahead and revealed the tracklist to his album which is slated to hit retailers this Friday. It’s pretty light feature wise, featuring his buddies Meyhem Lauren and Big Body Bes as well as Rick Ross and Jah Tiger. I very excited to see how the two robust rugged men Bronson and Ross sound together on the same track, trading but aside from that it’s primarily a show that’s opened and headlined by Action Bronson himself. Included on the album are the already released singles “Du-Rag vs. Headband“, “Let Me Breathe” & “The Chairman’s Intent“. Check out the full tracklist for the forthcoming album below.