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Joey Purp – “iiiDrops” Review

“iiiDrops” is Joey Purps breakout tape. After moonlighting with guest appearances and side projects with his Save Money cohorts the past 2 years Joey has put together a singular body of work that fans can now point to the way they point to Acid Rap for Chance or Innanetape for Vic Mensa. Joey’s intensity on…


5 Producers Who Are Reviving The Old School

In a Hip-Hop world where everything is seemingly centered around 808s and new wave synth lines you can’t blame someone for missing organic sounding bass lines and crackling vinyl that call to mind the golden age of A Tribe Called Quest, Dilla, Common, De La Soul, and so, so many more. And even if you’re…


Noah Sims – Testament (Mixtape)

Noah Sims has become one of the hot new producers in the Chicago Hip-Hop scene who’s music has become a must listen every time he drops new content. As a result receiving the first full length work of his career “Testament” is an absolute treat for Hip-Hop fans everywhere. Now Sims is a producer but don’t…

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