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Drelli – Feel Like

Guys like Allan Kingdom and Bobby Raps recently brought a light back to Minnesota and there’s awesome newer folk like Drelli following in those footsteps. Drelli has been keeping his Soundcloud updated with new tunes and he’s seemingly getting better with each cut. This new song “Feel Like” may actually be my favorite of his…


Blaq Tuxedo – Steeler

Brotherly Sacramento duo Blaq Tuxedo is coming out strong. They’re coming off their recent Tap In mixtape, which is basically the precursor to ABA (Art By Accident), their forthcoming accident. They’re songwriting talents have been proven by working with Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Brown and more but they’re super hefty and strong on their own…


Bari – Talisman

From the Zero Fatigue team, Smino and Monte Booker are leading the charge but there’s other players on the team to take a look at. Especially because Smino starts his nationwide tour tomorrow in Chicago and he’ll be joined on tour by his Zero Fatigue team of Monte Booker, Jay2, Jean Deaux and Bari. So…

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