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Cousin Stizz – All Star

Cousin Stizz has had his forthcoming project pushed back a couple times. Whether it’s because there’s not enough buzz or because it’s actually not quite finished, we don’t know. He’s dropped three singles so far and all have been pretty impressive but he’s back today with this new song “All Star”. This one’s straight to…


Lil Yachty – Dirty Mouth (Music Video)

Lil Yachty‘s new album Teenage Emotions is out now and Lil boat’s delivered to us this new video for “Dirty Mouth”. I’m going to use this post to deliver my less than 100 word synopsis on my feelings about Lil Yachty‘s new album Teenage Emotions. Let’s just say I expected worse. It was definitely way…



JAYLIEN really impressed us with his last single “Lucky Guy” and he’s got our support. The St. Louis singer just dropped off this new single “Trust”, and it’s a little less outwardly appealing but this one’s thick with bass and all. Not to mention it’s produced by the rarely seen XXYYXX. Check out the new…


tobi lou – A.R.O.K.

tobi lou is back! We’re big fans of tobi lou over here so it’s been rough considering the Chicago artist hasn’t given us a new tune in quite some time. Today however we saw daybreak and this new song A.R.O.K. appeared. Not only that but it surely didn’t disappoint as Tobi floats atop a beat…

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