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Interview: Mega Trife

We’ve been picking up steam with the amount of interviews we’ve been doing and the next one comes from an artist that we’ve created a really good relationship with over the past month or so. Mega Trife is dropping his new album with producer Nonsense Full Circle on November 27th. Before the album drops, get…


Interview: Linus, Matt Ceezy, & Soopa

Here is our second interview of the week, and I conducted this with a trio of artists that I found on OddFutureTalk, Linus, Matt Ceezy, and Soopa. If you haven’t heard any of their music yet, here are links to their latest mixtapes. Linus – The Mixed Tape || Matt Ceezy – Lays Chips &…


Interview: L’Orange

Fashionably Early has solely been known to give you the dopest hip hop out at gut-wrenching speeds but we are looking to expand our horizons and do more. With that being said, here’s our first interview with a producer who goes by the name of L’Orange. Enjoy. [Trixx] Tell the people who L’Orange is [L’Orange]…

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