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Exclusive: Fashionably-Early Interviews Outasight

  Recently I caught up with hip/hop-pop-rock artist Outasight about his recent success and his plans for the future. In the interview he talks about what it was like following up “Tonight Is The Night” with another hit in “Now Or Never” both of which have gotten extensive radio play. He talks about working with…


Interview: Linus, Matt Ceezy, & Soopa

Here is our second interview of the week, and I conducted this with a trio of artists that I found on OddFutureTalk, Linus, Matt Ceezy, and Soopa. If you haven’t heard any of their music yet, here are links to their latest mixtapes. Linus – The Mixed Tape || Matt Ceezy – Lays Chips &…


Interview: L’Orange

Fashionably Early has solely been known to give you the dopest hip hop out at gut-wrenching speeds but we are looking to expand our horizons and do more. With that being said, here’s our first interview with a producer who goes by the name of L’Orange. Enjoy. [Trixx] Tell the people who L’Orange is [L’Orange]…


Amber Rose Cries Discussing Kanye

Get More: Music News She’s right.. Kinda sad.  Nobody knows her side of the story. “I have people throwing things at me in the street because they’re fans of Kanye,” Amber said before she started to cry on set. “I’m just crying because I don’t deserve to be bullied like that. I’m a nice girl,…


A$AP Ferg Interview

Aspiring to evoke that feel good emotion from listeners across generations, ASAP Ferg’s approach to a song is definitive in its own right. “I wanna bring the love back to music,” Ferg states, when describing his artistic vision. For many who were first introduced to him by the “Kissin Pink” track off of LiveLoveAsap, it…

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