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Top Producers of 2016 Thus Far

This conversation arises among the dedicated heads of hip hop every single year. The reason for that is because there are always a couple of producers that seem to take the year by storm. Metro Boomin had a stranglehold on 2015 with his big run with Future and the year before that, Pharrell couldn’t be…

30 Artists to Watch in 2016

30 Artists to Watch in 2016

2015 was one of the better years for music in recent history, and it is leading up to a hyped up 2016. In 2015, we saw many artists get their foundation put into the ground for the future. To kick off 2016, we have compiled 30 artists who we believe are poised to have big…

Kirk Knight Late Knight Special

5 Producers Who Are Reviving The Old School

In a Hip-Hop world where everything is seemingly centered around 808s and new wave synth lines you can’t blame someone for missing organic sounding bass lines and crackling vinyl that call to mind the golden age of A Tribe Called Quest, Dilla, Common, De La Soul, and so, so many more. And even if you’re…

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