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currensy stoned on ocean

Review: Currensy – Stoned On Ocean

We all know the saying that consistency kills. That it pays to be consistent. That the only way you’ll ever achieve anything is to be consistent at it. To always work on your craft. It’s safe to say that Currensy was taught that listen as a youngin and never forgot it. Spitta has released his…

maxwell blacksummersnight

Review: Maxwell blackSUMMERS’night

In life, seven years is not really that long of time depending on your perspective. In music seven years is a lifetime and an infinity. In seven years even the most established artists can be forgotten. New stars can be created in those same seven years. Let us not forget the number of one hit…

snoop dogg coolaid

Review: Snoop Dogg – Coolaid

After being in the rap game for a certain length of time and being successful during that time, you earn the right to basically do what you want with little judgement. That statement applies to everybody’s favorite uncle in the rap game. After building Death Row with Dre, bouncing to No Limit, moving on from…


Review: Vic Mensa – There’s Alot Going On

Vic Mensa’s career has taken off since the release of his 2013 debut mixtape, Innanetape. Since, Vic has gone onto release a string of singles and Soundcloud songs, ranging from captivating, strong releases such as “Down on My Luck” and “Drive Me Crazy” to forgettable cuts such as “I Been” and “All That Shines.” Finally,…


Review: Ro James – Eldorado

Ro James to many is a new name in the world of R&B. To some of us he’s the man who gave us three amazing EP’s back in 2013 and then disappeared. Ro has reemerged three years later since he blessed us with the Asher Roth backed “Lisa” with his full length debut Eldorado. For…


Joey Purp – “iiiDrops” Review

“iiiDrops” is Joey Purps breakout tape. After moonlighting with guest appearances and side projects with his Save Money cohorts the past 2 years Joey has put together a singular body of work that fans can now point to the way they point to Acid Rap for Chance or Innanetape for Vic Mensa. Joey’s intensity on…

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