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Dave B – Blue Faces f. MO$

Don’t sleep on this roll Dave B is on right now. He’s dropped a few new songs recently and each one’s seeming to get progressively better. I thought his last drop “Only” was tough but this one “Blue Faces” might be even better. Produced by a stacked team of Nima Skeemz, Elan Wright, AbJo, &…


Dave B – Only f. Romaro Franceswa

Dave B‘s released a couple singles to keep the people fed since he dropped his collab album with Sango last summer. Of these loose singles, this piano driven new single “Only” has got to be my favorite. Dave’s rocking a quick flow over some AbJo and not to mention Dave really comes through and kills…


Dave B – Buckets

Basketball season is unfortunately over, marking the dry season for sports, which is one of the very few negative things about the summer time. Dave B‘s here with this new song “Buckets” to give me a gentle reminder about all of that and that basketball won’t truly be back until October. Ultimately this song is…


Dave B  – Dive

Initially, I thought Seattle’s Dave B could be such a valuable asset for a major label and while he still could be, he’s carving out a beautiful indie niche for himself, touring and releasing music with him and his team. It really made me realize how fruitful a career he could have just by staying…

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