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Freddie Gibbs – Andrea (Music Video)

Freddie Gibbs is certainly back in full swing and accustomed to regular rap life once again as he’s back on the road and he’s already given us new tunes. This song “Andrea” is off his last record, You Only Live 2wice and it’s almost certainly got to be my favorite. Check out the roller coaster…


Watch Freddie Gibbs Fully Talk About His Foreign Prison Experience For The First Time

Viceland just premiered their latest show ‘The Therapist’, a show that features therapist Siri Sat Nam Singh, a licensed therapist having a therapy session with rappers. There’s certainly a stigma for rappers about maintaining a certain tough, infallible image and this show threatens to challenge that and humanize these emcees. The first episode features Freddie…

freddie gibbs you only live 2wice

Freddie Gibbs – Alexys

Freddie Gibbs is officially back and this new album You Only Live 2wice is set to drop this coming week on March 31st. Based on the title, Gibbs’ is sure to spill some information about his incarceration in Austria but in an effort to put it behind him. He just dropped off his new cut…


Freddie Gibbs – No PRBLMS (Freestyle)

Gangsta Gibbs is back ladies and gentlemen! Freddie Gibbs was most certainly prolific prior to his incarceration in Austria and it seems he’s finally coming back into the public and dropping new music. It began with the single “Crushed Glass” and today he’s got some bars to drop on top of 6LACK‘s “PRBLMS”. Use this…

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