Bring It Back: Inverse – One Step [2008]

This is a new segment I’m starting properly named “Bring It Back”. I’m going to post up some extremely dope tracks of the past, many of them which probably have eluded your ears. I’ll try to post about one a week but their is no timetable for each post. Just follow the blog and catch each post. I hope you enjoy.

This track is from one of my favorite duos. Inverse is comprised of two Southern California bred emcees by the names of Tunji and Toby. You’d expect the white jew to be the producer right? Well, your kind of right, he does produce some but he raps as well. And he does so extremely proficiently. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of music released but this track below is off of their excellent, album but not really an album So Far (A Collection).

DOWNLOAD: Inverse – One Step [2008]