Bring It Back: Typical Cats – Any Day [2000]

In the 2nd installment of Bring It Back, I present to you Typical Cats. Although I think they are pretty far from being typical. This track “Any Day” is off of their debut self titled album. Typical Cats consist of 5 members, 3 MCs and 2 producers. Qwazaar, Qwel and Denizen Kane are on the mic and DJ Natural and Kid Knish behind the boards. In short I can describe their normal sound to be fluent, comprehensible rap that is done faster than most. All three MCs are capable of rapping fast and they always try to show how fast they can rap. Typically, when most rapper try to do this, their raps lose meaning and end up being a big rapidly moving cesspool. Well the reason why they aren’t typical is because they do something that most MCs can’t do. Below you can download one of their most popular tracks to date.

DOWNLOAD: Typical Cats – Any Day [2000]