@Peace – @Peace [Album]

Just learned about these dudes. Well they come from a land where hip hop isn’t necessarily a commodity, or even present at all. This trio comes from the Pacific island of New Zealand.  Their closest neighbor country of Australia has a hip hop scene but New Zealand really doesn’t. So to see an amazing act out of New Zealand is really cool. They are comprised of 2 MCs (Tom Scott, Lui Tuiasau) and 1 producer (Christoph El Truento). They have come to together to create a 9 track Free Album that can be described to the avid hip hop fan as a breath of fresh air. They provide a unique sound instead of the same garbage that each blogger gets in his inbox where you have people with the same sound rapping over the same overused beats. So I definitely recommend downloading this project and you can support the project and buy it if you wish.

DOWNLOAD: @Peace – @Peace