McKenzie Eddy – Young Platinum (Album)

“First of all, today is my brother’s birthday. August 16th. Very fitting to drop this free album on this day. A line from “We Play To Win” – “Jesse taught me 5 years old not to cry lace my shoes up,” speaks volumes about how My brother helped shape me, made me a fighter.

GLC is amazing. We recorded every song on this record in 2 days. He’s a legend and I am honored to have worked with him. Ism.

Murs, Da$h, My sister Kat CHR, Kool A.D., Ski Beatz, Sean O’Connell and Ben Fagan helped to create the rest of this eclectic combination of music. Props to them all. Props to you. Peace. Love. Platinum.”

Some big name features on this fralbum (Free album).  Check it.

DOWNLOAD: McKenzie Eddy – Young Platinum (Album)