Wake Up And Check Out: Northern Lights

Another extremely dope project I came across thanks to the amazing internet. Okay, here’s my consensus opinion after hearing this: Really fucking addicting. Why might you ask? The main reason is the beats. The beats that these guys use are amazing anf they are produced by one of the members of the trio. The beats set a really chill flow for most of the album that I personally can really dig. Both of the emcees aren’t anything special but they fit the beats pretty well. As good as someone like lets say Brother Ali is, he doesn’t fit the beats. The dope underground emcee is not accustomed for these beats. My best comparison for these two would be Snoop Dogg. A laid back flow that really just fits the beats. Neither of them have as good of a voice as Snoop but that’s my best comparison. These guys have some potential if they keep putting out stuff like this. Keep a look out for this Connecticut based group.

DOWNLOAD: Northern Lights – Fallen Up [Album]

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