Brothers From Another – Quality of Living [Album]

Rappers are usually grouped together in different forms and one term that is often used to group rappers together is Backpack rap or College rap. These rappers usually are grouped together because of their youth and suburban background. To add to it, they usually have dumb lyrics about pointless things that are the opposite of what emceeing was founded on. There are very few rappers that fit this popular classification that actually put out quality music. Yes it is possible to make quality hip hop with lyrics that are about the typical suburban kid which spans from partying to just pointless shit. Brothers From Another possesses the ability to do that. They should be the poster act of this whole subtopic of hip hop. Instead we have one of the worst artists of our time in Mac Miller stealing the entire show of the senseless adolescents. Well yeah, these dudes are from Seattle and they have been at it longer than Mac and they have much less exposure and they deserve much more. But that’s really just the same story for all the good hip hop musicians now a days. Not really much we can do about it except to basically be a hipster like me just because you have to be classified as a hipster to support good hip hop besides for a couple of rappers that still do their thing in the mainstream. Nas for example, is described as a mainstream hip hop artist yet about half or more of my high school has no clue who he is. But nearly everyone knows Wiz Khalifa, go figure. That’s enough of my rant that strays off into the deep dark abyss of the state of hip hop.

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