CyMarshall Law & Mr. Joeker – Hip Hop In The Soul 2 [Album Review]

I’m finally here with another review. This time, it’s for CyMarshall Law and Mr. Joeker’s second studio album together. There aren’t many sequels that even come close to living up to its predecessor, but this one may. Hopefully you have listened to their first installment of Hip Hop In The Soul. When I first listened to that album I said, “Who the fuck is this making these awesome beats”. Mr. Joeker was who, and he comes by way of Hungary. This duo can be perceived as a foreign sound since Cy was born in the United Kingdom and his voice does reveal a bit of an accent. An accent that stands out for me personally and sets him apart from most ordinary rappers. But not only does his voice stand out, his lyrics have a purpose. In most tracks, he begets a magnificent portrait that he fulfills with a meaningful story. The best way to describe each track in a nutshell is a boom bap sound that is not just punchlines to make the teenage kid say “OOOOOOHHHH” it’s a story that is backed up by some of the realest production that could be mistaken for that of Large Professor’s.

From start to finish the album never really lets up. A lot of artists hit a roadblock when they have some good tracks that they bunch all together at the beginning of the album but CyMarshall has good tracks all over creation. Yes, there are some tracks that get a little dull and they’ll never get play from most people again but it still keeps the listener interested as long as there isn’t bad track following bad track. Also, I want to spotlight one track that isn’t necessarily a great track, but the message is. In track 7, “911” Cy mentions many different issues going on around the world. Many of which that go unnoticed by the general public. He uses the phrase “Somebody call 911” often to point out the significance of these problems and how people need to take initiative to help and at least recognition and sympathize for them. Most rappers are out talking all about themselves and their women and money. It takes a true artist to speak about what is probably a less interesting topic for the general music listener. It takes a true artist to make music into a gateway for social global awareness.

Obviously, you can tell that I essentially, love CyMarshall Law’s mentality throughout the whole album. It takes a very talented artist to do what he does and to put out two consecutive very good albums. I think this one is just a tad worse than the first Hip Hop In The Soul but despite that, this album is still great. It takes a truly amazing album to say that it’s better than Hip Hop In The Soul. The album will be available on October 4th, so just be patient.

Rating: 8.8/10