J. Cole Comments On Album Leak [Video]

Here’s the words of J. Cole himself of what he told to VIBE Magazine.

If anything the leak will reach out to more people who might be like ‘ah man, let’s go get this.’ So you know, it’s kind of like promotion these days—if you got a good album. If you don’t have a good album—they’ll just trash you. There’s been worse leaks than that so I understand it’s apart of the game—I always understood that. As long as people hear it together—it’s cool. I just know that people who are going to buy it were going to buy it anyways and the people who weren’t—probably weren’t anyways.

As I’ve already mentioned before, I don’t like when artists bitch about people illegally download their stuff and the leaking of their album, it’s inevitable now a days and for many fans like myself, I like to listen to an album before I buy it. For example, I was going to buy Lasers but I decided to listen to the leak, thank fucking god I didn’t gave the faggot a penny. I really respect Cole for these comments and it makes it hard for me to dislike him. Especially since his album was fairly good. A little repetitive since most tracks sounded similar, but it was overall good. Better than I had expected.