Shawn Chrystopher – Silent Films For The Blind [Artwork x Tracklist]

1. Fade In

2. Scary Movie

3. Name on My Heart

4. Prom S***

5. Neiman Marcus Garvey

6. Need More Bass (feat. El Prez and Ashly)

7. Believe in Trust (feat. Zaire Koalo)

8. Champion (feat. Mann)

9. Ashes on My Macbook

10. Too Cold

11. Til We Get There (feat. Ashly)

12. **** With You (feat. BEeFF)

13. It’s My Time Now

14. The Credits

This is being released by the people at XBOX? But anyway, Shawn had some last minute shit to do, so this was pushed back a week to October 3rd. I’m not even sure if this is a mixtape or an EP anymore.  Doesn’t matter to me, this is going to get a lot of plays from me hopefully.  3 leaks off mixtape/EP/album below.

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