Shawn Chrystopher – Silent Films For The Blind [Album]

Here’s a new free album from Shawn Chrystopher.  I got this last night and it’s amazing.  Don’t worry, this is a free project. I also put out one of the best songs on the tape ‘Prom Shit’ a few hours ago.

1. Fade In
2. Scary Movie
3. Name on My Heart
4. Prom S***
5. Neiman Marcus Garvey
6. Need More Bass (feat. El Prez and Ashly)
7. Believe in Trust (feat. Zaire Koalo)
8. Champion (feat. Mann)
9. Go Outside (feat. Cults & Ashly)
10. Ashes on My Macbook
11. Too Cold
12. Til We Get There (feat. Ashly)
13. **** With You (feat. BEeFF)
14. It’s My Time Now
15. The Credits

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher – Silent Films For The Blind [Album] 

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