Bring It Back: Shawn Chrystopher – No One Knows You EP [2008]

This is the first time I’ll be doing a Bring It Back and hopefully not the last.  This one will go back to the project that got me into Shawn Chrystopher, who right now is in my top 3 favorite artists.  I know many people that listen to Shawn Chrystopher but almost all of them have NEVER heard a song or heard of this project in general.

So I was up at like 1 in the morning one school night and I decided to turn on my radio.  Sure enough, the intro of this EP, Grizzey comes on.  At first what catches me is the nice chill beat with a nice little hand clap, which after listening to many more of Shawn Chrystopher’s songs, I found out that he is a master with the hand claps for his beats.  Not to mention he has some witty punchlines.  After hearing this song, I immediately went on a hard search to find this EP and luckily I did.  The EP actually has 11 songs, not the 7 song tracklist that is on his account.  Once you listen to the EP, you find other standout tracks like ‘Me’, ‘Keep Your Classroom’, ‘Position’, ‘Dear Music’, and ‘Untitled’.  In all, just check out this EP.  Download below.

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher – No One Knows You EP


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