BET’s Bars On Deck w/Oddisee, Das Racist, FinaL OutlaW, Homeboy Sandman & Blu [Video]

See like now why can’t this be on the BET Hip Hop Awards? Obviously this shows that there are people at BET that realize that great hip hop lives under the ground, which is true with most Hip Hop related companies like XXL. But just why can’t this be showcased? This is the best cypher I have heard, the Shady Cypher comes close but I still think that this one is supreme. It just annoys me that plenty of people know about how great the underground game is and the fact that those people in high places that love underground hip hop keep it underground. They make no initiative what so ever to showcase it on TV or the radio. It’s just a god damn shame that no one has to balls to put some real music on TV or the radio even when they know that what they play is awful and the good shit isn’t on there.

So that’s my rant, take it how you want it.