Has-Lo – Never Was Yours (prod. Kev Brown)

Philly Emcee Has-Lo enlists legendary producer Kev Brown for his latest re-envisioning, “Never Was Yours.” The track appears on Has-Lo’s upcoming project “Conversation B” which hits stores November 15th. Never Was Yours is a stark look at life’s often unforgiving path. The recognition of everything’s impermanence is reflected upon throughout the tracks lyrical display of wisdom. Has-Lo tackles aging, disappointment, loss, financial woes, and the devils deals we make to attain success, all with a stoic’s calm and unflinching eye of a narrative reporter.

“I compete to win though I lose myself / In a penthouse room, with a view from hell”

Underneath Has’ heavy lyricism, Kev Brown kicks another Low Budget classic. Kev’s track features a funky guitar chop, minimal drum programming, and an atmospheric vocal sample to complete that completes the transformation.

DOWNLOAD: Has-Lo – Never Was Yours (prod. Kev Brown)