Pusha T Already Finished 4 Songs For GOOD Music Album

Nice to see Pusha T putting in work already.. Check out his quotes below.

“Oh man, I think its gonna be serious,” he said of the project. “I was part of four joints thus far. I don’t know where they gonna land or who’s gonna be on them, ’cause everybody’s doing so much. [The] ‘Watch the Throne’ [Tour] starts in a few days; all of that was gong on, rehearsals. I came up to the city and it was some joints that I [heard] and was like ‘Hey, I need this.’ I didn’t leave. I stayed and did them. I don’t know who else came up to the city and how Kanye is gong to maestro who gets on what, but I think it will… it will probably work a lot like his album. That album, [My Beautiful]Dark Twisted Fantasy, it was one of them things where he let people do them and whatever fit, fit.”

Make sure you guys also pick up his EP, Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray, due out on November 8th.

“I’m really gonna rap for y’all the hip-hop I love,” he said. “I’m not into everything that’s going on right now. I can appreciate a lot of it, but I want to make sure as time goes on and things evolve, people never forget, the streets made this [music].”

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