ScienZe – When Skies Fall [Artwork x Tracklist]

1. Above The Clouds
2. Play By Play 3.0
3. Over Drive (Feat. Anetta Rozé)
4. All-Stars (Feat. Chuuwee, C Plus & Niachene)
5. Perfect (Feat. Melodi J.)
6. Song Amnesia (Feat. Asher Roth)
7. Interlude (We Rise)
8. September
9. Fall In Roses (Feat. Melodi J.)
10. Game Night (Feat. JohnNY U. & Jazz Horn)
11. The World Could End Today (Feat. Chris Faust & Sunny Jones)
12. AUTUMN (Feat. JohnNY U.)
13. When Skies Fall
14. No Pressure

This thing is schedule to release two weeks from today on November 14th. Very talented youngster.