Aesop Rock – Thorns f. Slug & Eyedea [Unreleased]

This was one of the songs we had recorded on what I believe was Slug and Eyedea’s first trip to NYC. If memory serves, we ended up not keeping it because it didn’t really have any direction or structure – it was more just us 4 bugging out and getting to know each other. The same trip yielded “Missed by a Mile” with the same line-up, as well as another one or two that never saw the light of day. As my deadline for Labor Days was approaching I knew I wanted to use the beat for my record, so this version was dismantled. – Aesop Rock

If I remember correctly I’ve heard C-Rayz Walz use this beat a few years back, can’t think of which track though. But none the less, it’s amazing to get some unreleased music from these three indie hip hop legends. Especially the deceased Michael “Eyedea” Larsen.