Lupe Fiasco – Friend Of The People [Mixtape Review]

My dude Jabbar did a review of Lupe Fiasco’s latest mixtape and gave me the ok to post it on Fashionably-Early.  It’s not longed or dragged out.. but it gets straight to the point.  If you haven’t downloaded the mixtape, download Friend Of The People here.

1. Introduction-No Score
2. Lupe Back-3.25/5.0
3. Friend of the People(Feat. Dosage)-3.5/5.0
-I liked what i heard from Dosage
4. Double Burger With Cheese-4.0/5.0
-The Double Burger With Cheese hook kind of kills me
5. Joaquin Phoenix-4.25/5.0
6. WWJD He’d Prolly LOL Like WTF!!!-3.5/5.0
-What Would Jesus Do He’d Prolly LOL Like WTF
7. Lightwork-4.5/5.0
-Loving this song
8. Life, Death & Love From San Francisco-4.0/5.0
-Smooth jazz tune to it
9. SLR-4.5/5.0
-One year later and this song is still ill as ever
10. SNDCLSH In Vegas-3.25/5.0
11. Super Cold-3.5/5.0
12. End of The World-4.5/5.0
-Love him giving a shout out to the fans in this track.
Lupe experimented with this one. At this point i can’t say this is a failed experiment. Much like Watch the Throne, i don’t think it’s bad, it’s just not really a style of production that i typically enjoy listening to. A few song from the album will get playbacks from me, there really aren’t any horrible songs on the album. If you enjoy some electro and dubstep then you might enjoy this album. If not then it will take some getting used to. The good that came from it is i’m now starting to listen and enjoy a little dubstep.

Overall Score-3.85/5.0