Childish Gambino – Camp [Album Review]

Here’s another review from my dude Jabbar.  This time, it’s for Childish Gambino’s Camp.

1. Camp-4.25/5.0
-Gambino continues his trend of switching the emotion of his voice through the course of his songs
2. Fire Fly-3.5/5.0
3. Bonfire-3.75/5.0
-The beat on this song goes hard
4. All The Shine-4.25/5.0
5. Letter Home-3.25/5.0
-Gambino can sing decently, but he shouldn’t do it for a whole song
6. Heartbeat-4.00/5.0
7. Backpackers-3.0/5.0
8. L.E.S.-3.25/5.0
9. Hold You Down-4.25/5.0
10. Kids-4.5/5.0
11. You See Me-3.0/5.0
12. Sunrise-3.5/5.0
13-That Power-4.25/5.0
-Nice monologue at the end
I wasn’t really feeling the album during my intial listen, but it really grew on me. Gambino reverts to somethings that made his last project (EP) so special. He can quickly change the emotion in his voice during a song, and that really helps you feel it a bit more emotionally. Sometimes he falls to the same faults that mainstream rap falls to, but for the most part the package is enjoyable. Some beats just aren’t ones that i like, other times the hooks are a bit off. All in all it’s a good album and one of the better rap albums of the year.

Overall Score-3.75/5.0

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