Aleon Craft x George Clinton – Places To Fly

This is the first time George Clinton (of Parliament Funkadelic) has linked up with a hip-hop artist for a complete, new project. George Clinton recorded to 3 new records for the project, however Mothership: The Decatur Connection consists of elements from… Aleon Craft’s Mothership Decatur mixtape, the Parliament-Funkedelic catalog and original recordings from both Aleon Craft and George Clinton.

Mothership: The Decatur Connection also helps tell the often overlooked story and impact of George Clinton on hip-hop. Parliment-Funkadelic has been sampled over 1000 times, and are used in some of hip-hop’s most popular songs. Clinton, and many other funk artists, have been the victim of copyright (sample) trolls and questionable legal representatives. He is currently engaged in major court cases that could critically impact the future of copyright laws for the entire music industry, as well as motion pictures and related media. We wish him, and funk music the best, and hope this project can help shed light on these issues.

Aleon Craft & George Clinton – “Places To Fly” by SMKA


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