The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence [Review]

Another review from my man Jabbar.

The Weeknd-Echoes Of Silence

1. D.D.-∞/5.0
-I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, The Weeknd knows how to start off an album. He does the “King of Pop” justice with this cover.
2. Montreal-4.5/5.0
-A great song about a failed love, and there’s a reference to a previous song title in the song.
3. Outside-4.0/5.0
-Love this song, just don’t like the hook.
4. XO/The Host-3.75/5.0
5. Initiation-4.25/5.0
-Some experimentation, it works out well here.
6. Same Old Song-3.75/5.0
7.The Fall-3.75/5.0
8. Next-4.5/5.0
-The slow piano makes this song.
9. Echoes of Silence-5.0/5.0
-This song truly echoes in silence.

Very few artist put out three classic projects in a lifetime. Somehow The Weeknd has manged to do it all in one year. Each of these mixtapes are arguably better than the last. The biggest crime with these projects is that they were free. The quality of music on all of these tapes is incredible. Echoes of Silence is just another testament to the talent of The Weeknd. There will be a bigger write up about all of these tapes soon.

Overall Score-4.27/5.0


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