Wake Up And Check Out: The Seshen

Okay, first of all I’m going to be honest. I straight up stole this from 2dopeboyz. Shouts to them and Tunji for putting me on. These guys are awesome. They have a soulful yet ambient sound. Normally, an act will blow up on the internet scene because they are multidimensional. Just look at The Weeknd, he’s not your typical R&B singer. He appeals to so many different audiences and he is so talented that fame has to come. The Seshen is similar. They are a 7 person collective of musical innovators/cultivators. They come from the Bay Area and they represent diversity in an area other than the musical facet. Just look at the diversity of the members themselves. That in itself is just a great sign of what you’re going to hear. If you have any wit at all, the picture tells you that this is going to be a unique sound, a diverse sound and a progressive sound. The influences for their work span from J Dilla to Animal Collective to Erykah Badu. I for one, love soulful music, I love it more when it has a modern day taste to it, I love it to death when it also has a chill vibe to it. For all us progressive music listeners that don’t just listen to a few mainstream rappers, this is probably going to appeal to you. They have only released three songs to date which is definitely disappointing but there will obviously be much more in the future.

The Seshen by The Seshen

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