J.Nolan & Reese Jones – The Archetype [FreEP]

Nine days equals one EP. That’s how long it took to create this EP, and it’s pretty good for only 9 days of work. I can definitely spot the lack of experience in this EP and I can also spot the potential. Similar to Austin Rivers, he’s got skills but the kid just doesn’t know how to play the game, he needs to learn mainly how to select shots rather than just to toss it up whenever he touches the ball. Similar to these two, they have the skill, the more work that they put in, the better and more refined they will be. It’s a free project but I’ll leave a link below for the free download and a purchase link for the generous people.

DOWNLOAD: J.Nolan & Reese Jones – The Archetype [FreEP]

PURCHASE: J.Nolan & Reese Jones – The Archetype [FreEP]