Blu’s At It Again [Video]

Deceiving title eh? Well Blu is at it again, with another awful show. He has been garnering a reputation for putting on bad performances. I myself have yet to see him live but I’ve seen videos and word of mouth has told me that each show he does, he is completely wasted. Well it’s a fact that the majority of hip hop performers have had some sort of alcohol or drugs prior to most shows but Blu is just on some other shit. In this video, a fan rightfully hops on the stage to disapprove of the performance that Blu was putting on. I mean, Johnson was leaning on the mic, in the corner the entire time. What annoys me more is that for weeks I see Exile really pushing this show on twitter and he even got Dave Chappelle and Bilal to come out for it. If I’m Blu, and I know that Chappelle is going to be there, I’m going to put on the best show I can. There is really something wrong with him if he is going to get this fucked up before a show. I’m pretty sure that both Blu and Exile were tripping on acid for this show and again, why? I know that San Francisco is notorious for acid but why do you have to do it before a show. I’m sure that you have so much more time to burn where doing some acid would be great. Do your fucking job Blu.