Interview: Linus, Matt Ceezy, & Soopa

Here is our second interview of the week, and I conducted this with a trio of artists that I found on OddFutureTalk, Linus, Matt Ceezy, and Soopa. If you haven’t heard any of their music yet, here are links to their latest mixtapes.

Linus – The Mixed Tape || Matt Ceezy – Lays Chips & Chocolate Milk || Soopa – Prologue, Monologue [FE Sponsored]

To begin, let us know who each of you are.

Linus: Yo this is Linus Allen, PHD.

Matt Ceezy: My name is Matt Ceezy. Uh, I’m a 15 year old rapper from a city outside of Detroit, and I like to make cool shit for people.

Soopa: Soopa, people also call me “SoopaCrzy” (pronounced Crazy).

What made you choose your name?

Linus: I was born with this name. Linus Leigh Allen Dose 5-0.

Matt Ceezy: I chose my name because im polish, and no one can fucking spell my last name. So they took the first two letters, C-Z, and blaow, we out here.

Soopa: Well when I was 13, I was a big fan of “Superman”. So when I decided I wanted to rap, I chose “Soopa” as my name, and stuck with it since.

As some may know, I discovered all three of you at OddFutureTalk.  Did OFWGKTA influence any of you to start rapping or influence your music?

Linus:  I found odd future late 2010. but i’ve been making music and rapping since i was younger. maybe 16. my influences mostly stem from 90’s hip hop,  big l, atmosphere, mos, common, hiero, shit like that.

Matt Ceezy: OF pushed me to rap more. Didn’t really get me to start, I started in 7th grade by dissing a kid on a webcam, haha. My favorite OF artist is Hal Williams, that dude makes pretty shit.

Soopa: They didn’t help me start rapping, but they sort of had an influence on my music, not lyrically, but flow-wise. At the time I discovered them, I was just in awe at their flow, made me want to definitely step my game up.

Could of expected this question to come next.. Who is your favorite artist in Odd Future and why?

Linus: I listen to hodgy mostly, blackenedwhite is fire.

Matt Ceezy: My favorite OF artist is Hal Williams, that dude makes pretty shit.

Soopa: I would have to say Earl Sweatshirt. He’s my favorite artist in OF because this bars, flow and lyricism is just insane. I literally had to go on “” just to find out the meaning behind some of his lines. When I have to do that with an artist, you already become an instant favorite.

Odd Future also was created and pretty much got to where they are because of blogs/social networking.  How important do you think the social networking is for an artist in today’s day and age?

Linus:  The internet is a wonderful thing.  Without social networking and the internet, i would have never been picked up, so i think its the shit. But being active in the music scene around you is just as important.


Matt Ceezy: Man, you gotta put your shit on the web. No one is nice enough to take a free CD and give an honest listen to you. People automatically assume shit, but it’s coo’.

Soopa: I think its VERY important. I mean, before Fashionably Early, the only I was able to get my music around was pretty much using Facebook and other social networking sites. But then as soon as I met Matt, he helped me get out there more, just by posting my music on his blog, so I think blogs have an great impact on artists in our day and age.

All three of you have put out mixtapes recently that were posted on FE in the recent months. What were the theme or message you were trying to get across with those projects?

Linus: I don’t know what the theme is tbh, everyone finds somthing different, with their own interpretations. Personally the mixed tape is a refection of myself finally rising into my own niche. Like doing something i can be proud of.

Its basically the statement to the world that i have arrived.
Matt Ceezy: I like Lays Chips and Chocolate Milk, lyrically im smarter then you, and i cannot stay on a topic worth shit. I don’t have my own sound yet, really.

Soopa:  Well, while I didn’t have a specific “theme” behind my mixtape, this was definitely one to show how greatly I’ve improved over the months. Most would tell me that my music has improved since my last mixtape “Pause. Then Play”, which I agree with myself.

With that being said about your last projects, what can we expect next from you guys?

Linus:  I got some music videos in the making, a couple of live events and an EP coming out on Hammer Records (@Hammer_Records). (The EP is going to be something else. i wont give too much away.)


Matt Ceezy: My next tape will be Project 64. Featuring a lot of people, good production, great lyrics and thick beats. Expect more subjects, and a better flow.

Soopa: Well, as most know, my next project is going to be titled “Intellectual”, influenced by Common, so yeah haha.

Right now, who is your favorite artist? And if you had the chance, what one single artist/producer/etc would you work with?

Linus:  I’ve been listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar lately. dude can spit. and SHAD one day would be sick to collab wit. TSOL is mad.

Matt Ceezy: My favorite as of now? Hm…shit… Well, all time is DOOM. I guess when it comes to rapping, he was my biggest inspiration. But now, it’s Nujabes. Dude was an absolute genius, he made the prettiest music ive ever heard. R.I.P.


Soopa: Right, I would say my favorite artist is Common, and if I had the chance to work with one single artist/producer, I would probably be Common/J. Dilla (RIP).

Lastly, let the fans know how they can reach you!


hit me up on that twitter, @linusallen
Peace Fash.

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