Rick Ross On Pill/MMG (Video)

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Sooo.. Pill technically still wasn’t signed to MMG or was kicked off my Rozay.  Pill was right.

Pill’s situation was a special situation because he was already signed to Warner before I did my label deal at Warner. So when I did do my deal, it was a business opportunity that was presented where Pill could run with the team for a year. I took that opportunity. That year ran its course and it was pretty much up to Warner what decisions they wanted to make with Pill as an artist after that point. I think they made it.

Certain things happen for certain people at certain times and none of us could really predict that. I couldn’t predict that Meek Mill would bring ‘Ima Boss’ to me or we couldn’t predict that Wale would bring ‘That Way.’ Hopefully, in the future he’ll bring him a hit record, and get him some paper and do his thing. I wish him much success.