The Best Love Is Free: The Cypher [Video]

The best thing that BET has ever done was their Cyphers. Well let me rephrase that, the fact that they introduced cyphers how they did. They really constructed the cyphers well and others have really admired that. Obviously, most of the cyphers do ultimately suck because of the shitty rappers that they pick but because of these cyphers, we get less professional cyphers that are miles ahead of BET. Minnesota comes out on this cypher. The Best Love is Free ( TBLIF ) is an annual event and compilation CD organized by Deaf to the Static Records and Hopeful Opus Productions. They are bringing to you an amazing display of musicianship in hip hop. Not only do you have a rapper spitting, but you have a beatboxer. These dudes can really flow. I’m being put on to a few of them too. I’m already a fan of MaLLy, Phillip Morris, St. Paul Slim and Toki Wright but that’s only about half. We also have, Sean Anonymous, Wise Guyz, Botzy, Lizzo and Ceewhy. Enjoy.