Special Day In Hip Hop

Today is very special. On this day, two legends were born, and one died. The most notable for me is definitely J Dilla. He is easily a top 3 producer of all time. The guy is a legend in so many regards and what angers me the most is that when he passed away, I was just getting into hip hop. I was only twelve and I remember seeing somewhere that he died. I had no clue who he was but I got my hands on the album he released while on his deathbed and I was an immediate fan. I will elaborate more on him on a post I’m working on that is dedicated to James Yancey.

Also on this day, the amazing Japanese producer Nujabes was born and NY legend Big Pun died. I was never a huge fan of Pun but I definitely respected his music. I was bumping to the Hot97 dedication they had on today while I was in the gym. Nujabes on the other hand has arguably made a bigger impact than both of the two that I already mentioned. Nujabes created the Japanese hip hop scene. Before Nujabes, Japanese hip hop producers were rare and none were worth notice. Nujabes came around and took it to a whole other level. He did so much to get that scene going. Not only did he put out music with many American artists, Japanese artists and soundtracks for animes, he also got thousands of people into hip hop. The scene in Japan is amazing right now and that can all be accredited to Nujabes.

Look out for my Jay Dilla tribute post tonight.