Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Under The Radar – Under The Radar [Beat Tape]

Under The Radar is a trio of musicians coming together to make some great beats. Hopefully you’re familiar with eL-R who has been featured here a few times before. He is 1/3 of Under The Radar. Check what he had to say about the group below.

“Living in Panama City was a pretty cool experience. Lots of greats memories were garnered there and I also met a lot of good people. Among those people, were two of the coolest and talented dudes I’ve ever met. DJ Quezs, who I met through our Music Production program at our college, is an incredibly dope DJ and is ill on the beats as well. Music was our way of surviving those dreadful long hours in that place (haha). I met Phil (aka Prince Phil) back when I first moved to the city and he worked at the gym I used to play ball at. Didn’t know he made beats until a year or so later and we started exchanging music back and forth and became homies. We eventually all got together and decided to put together a project together that would display our individual sounds. All three of us have a different sound but share the same passion for beat-making. Quezs has a early 90’s hip-hop sound while Phil has a real gritty, underground vibe to his music. I’m glad we’re finally putting it out and hopefully those beat lovers out there respond to it and download it. It’s FREE! Expect a lot more from myself and also these guys individually because they’re hard workers and are looking to show just how dedicated they are.”

DOWNLOAD: Under The Radar – Under The Radar [Beat Tape]

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