Sapient – Gunwings [Album]

01 Barrels For Feathers (Redux)
02 Clouds Clear (Redux)
03 Find Home (Redux)
04 Glorious Day (Redux) f. Luckyiam
05 One of the Many Ways (Redux) f. LMNO
06 Hours (Redux)
07 Playdough (Redux) f. Illmaculate
08 Beauty in the Filth (Redux) f. Josh Martinez & Eligh
09 Stronger (Redux)
10 Diamond Snares (Redux)
11 Shoot For The Ground (Redux) f. Pigeon John
12 Universal Diorama (Redux)
13 Grown Up (Redux)

My man Sapient. For those who don’t know him, he’s my favorite member of the large Portland based hip hop collective “Sandpeople” and he possesses an unmatchable presence on the MPC and on the mic. This project is the total overhaul and revision of his 2010 project, Barrels For Feathers. Stream and download this over at his bandcamp link below.

DOWNLOAD: Sapient – Gunwings [Album]