O.C. & Apollo Brown – Prove Me Wrong [Radio Rip]

The real MMG said this one was coming at Midnight last night, I was up until 1AM waiting. I never got it obviously so I went to sleep. Well now you have it. DJ Premier got the green light to play this on his radio show. Their collaborative album, Trophies is set to drop on May 1st. If my sources are correct, this album is going to be the best thing Mello Music Group has ever dropped. Now that is saying an awful lot. Mello Music Group has been the best underground label in the last two years with numerous amazing records. Apollo is my 4th favorite producer that is currently here and alive behind Madlib, DJ Premier and 9th Wonder and O.C. with a prominent member of the group D.I.T.C. (Diggin’ In The Crates) which also included legends like Big L, Fat Joe and shitload of others. Be prepared. It will rock your socks.