Murs – Gods Gone Crazy

I apologize for not telling you earlier but I’ll give you the rundown now since it will be happening. If you check the video above, it’s not really a video. It’s a new Murs track but why are their comics shown throughout the video? Well Murs started a Kickstarter campaign a few months back asking for $25,000 so he could release and book and an album based on it. But as you can see through the video it’s really not a book, it’s a comic book. Murs is one of those rappers that grew up and comics and still loves them to this day. He has collaborated with Josh Blaylock to finish this entire thing. The Kickstarter page is a $29,000 with about a day left. Well obviously, that’s past the goal so this will all be released. The fans are the label for this entire project. Forgive me but I’m not sure on an exact date of when this whole thing will be available but I promise that it will be very soon. It’s all completed and it is being independently released so it will be very soon. If you want more info check the link below and check out the video and the other info from Murs on the Kickstarter page.


DOWNLOAD: Murs – Gods Gone Crazy