Cage – Super Baked

Cage has always been one of the more publicized underground rappers. One thing that made him unique was he absolutely screwed up upbringings. If you want to know details, look up a biography of him. But also, he had hype back in the 90s. He was at Columbia and with Bobbito Garcia’s label but he never dropped a full album with either. It wasn’t until he got onto Definitve Jux that he got albums rolling. As of recently, he’s been working a lot with Shia LaBeouf and Kid Cudi. As of matter of fact, him and Cudi were the two focal points of the video “Maniac”. If you’re an underground fan and you’ve been one, you probably aren’t been a fan of his latest work, Depart From Me. His emo side came out to play on that album. This new single doesn’t necessarily state that he is away from that but he is taking a step in the right direction. So, now that you know a little about Chris Palko, what’s on the horizon for him? Well firstly, he had two EPs coming soon. Additionally, rumor has it that Shia LaBeouf may star as Cage in a possible film biography. He is an interesting guy for sure so check out his stuff.


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