Thursday, January 27, 2022

Chris Faust – Villain: Issue One of Three [Mixtape]

Nice, I had no clue that Faust would be making this into a 3 part project. And I must say, I’m loving the names on this tracklist. Some really great, underrated producers from a wide range of areas. Now excuse me, let me get back to the Anthony Davis show.

1. The Prelude II.
2. A Villains Tale (prod. B. Lewis)
3. The Kingpin and Doctor Faustus
4. Doctor Faust (prod. Hannibal)
5. American Villain f. ScienZe & QuESt (prod. Dujeous)
6. Inception f. Mike Maven (prod. Oddisee)
7. It’s All Part Of The Plan
8. The Daily Bugle (prod. Nick Tharpe)
9. Sharon Carter f. 10 (prod. Dujeous)
10. Jean Grey Is No More
11. Curing The Dark Phoenix f. Cocoa Sarai (prod. Omid G)
12. The Scorpions Engraving
13. H.Y.D.R.A. f. Dremur (prod. Omid G)

DOWNLOAD: Chris Faust – Villain: Issue One of Three [Mixtape]

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