Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Victory Lap [Video]

Damn this video is awesome. This track was on the XXL 2012 Mixtape and I know it was the best song without even having listened to the tape. The video is a compilation of clips. It demonstrates the come up, the travels, everything that got them to where they are today and it amazes me where Mack has come from since his first solo album in 2006. He made it through his drug stage he made it past the critics into the limelight. And Ryan Lewis is perhaps the reason why Mack never fell into that abyss. He saved Mack. And he put both of them on display. Now they have a fanbase that I would have never imagined when they first dropped their debut EP which was essentially 6 tracks of reworking former hits into their own songs. We’re proud of you two.

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