BRKF$T CLUB (2008ighties) – The Fellowship [Video]

I’ve yet to really mention this newest crew in this era where having a rapping crew is definitely the newest fad. I mean people had crews and they would rap but now they all want fame, they want to follow the Odd Future route. But I can’t necessarily complain because a lot of the crews are pretty legitimate. The problem I find with these guys is that I like them on a collective track like this but there are a couple of members who I feel don’t belong on the mic. The names are Calez, Julian Malone, Fonz-E Mak, Legit, Johnny St. Cloud and UG. I have posted the work of Legit because he is my favorite. I’m going to post everything these guys put out for now on though. What made me is that this track is pretty insane. The loop is addicting and I’m a sucker for a good trumpet sample and this track has it. I’m too tired to really go into detail on the work that these guys have already put out as solo artists. Google is your best friend.

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