Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Uncluded (Aesop Rock x Kimya Dawson) – Bats

I was looking for this yesterday but failed to find it but I found it today. Hopefully you were aware that this last Saturday was Record Store Day. And Rhymesayers released an exclusive 10″ vinyl with this track and a track from Atmosphere. Unfortunately for me, I had a lacrosse game in the middle of the day Saturday which really restricted me from getting to a quality record store. There’s nothing around me so I would have had to went to Manhattan or Brooklyn which I lacked the time to do. Well specifically explain this track, Kimya Dawson isn’t you’re typical artist. I always used to call her “spoken folk”. Which is basically the ensemble of spoken word and folk music. Another good tag for her is “anti-folk”. As if she isn’t experimental enough, add in Aesop Rock and you have a jam session of two weirdos. That’s not a very polite way of putting it but I find it to be the truth. But judge for yourself, I still find this shit dope.


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