Wednesday, January 19, 2022

MED – Outta Control f. Hodgy Beats (prod. Madlib) [Video]

These are the kind of crossovers that we need more of. There is an obvious reason why Hodgy is the only Odd Future member that I still give some play. Just look at this pair up between him and two of Stones Throw’s finest. But while I was in the process of posting this, I made major discovery. Being the detective that I am, I realized brash similarities between this and another video I had seen. If you guy remember the video contest that Stones Throw conducted in 2011 then you may have seen the video I’m referring to. The video with the incredible similarities was the 2nd place video in the contest which was produced for the Jaylib masterpiece “The Heist”. I also figured out that Hodgy actually posted “The Heist” video on Twitter a few months ago which now in hindsight, was an obvious foreshadow. Want to know why the videos are so similar? Because the guy who produced “The Heist” video also co-produced this new video. So congratulations to Rory Gamble for getting the opportunity of a lifetime to once a again showcase what he can do with some construction paper, some art tools and a little bit of imagination.

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