Friday, January 21, 2022

VSO – The White Album [Free Album]

Email submissions like this are awesome.  VSO is an RnB artist that sent over two of his albums via email and I’m throwing up his most recent album, The White Album.  Sings, little bit of rap, and produces.  I don’t really have a lot to say because I can’t really describe his music, but its incredibly dope.  Listen to a few songs off the album below, and then download it.

1. Yo Girl Love Me ft. Remmy Redd
2. I’m The King
3. Sexy You
4. Saturday Morning
5. Sex, Love & Weed
6. Sing To You
7. Long Distance
8. Future Love
9. My Special Girl
10. Worlds Apart
11. Rock Me Sexy “Live”
12. BT – Tell Me What You See

DOWNLOAD:  VSO – The White Album [Free Album]

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