Open Mike Eagle – Universe Man f. Serengeti

So I’ve got a gram of humor to brighten up your day. No, it’s no sort of drug. Well, while I was putting off studying and getting caught in the social network loop, I happened to glance at a new update on my Facebook feed from Open Mike Eagle saying that his mom commented on a track of his over at Pigeons & Planes. I had to give it a peek. She said,

To my son Michael (Open Mike Eagle), your musicis so awesome and verbalism has been the same since you were 1.

I am just elated that your work is no stranger to peace, and respect. Never lose your INTEGRITY and keep smiling. Be an excellent provider for your family with love and respect.

God has blessed you through your voice, use it to change your world. God Bless and keep you forever and ever prosperous. LOve and Kisses MOM

With the support of his Mom, Open Mike Eagle will be releasing his new album 4NML HSPTL in June.

STREAM: Open Mike Eagle – Universe Man f. Serengeti