RIAA attempting to sue Limewire for $72 trillion in damages

This is beyond ridiculous.  And yes you read that right, $72 TRILLION DOLLARS.  First off, this is more money than the whole music industry has made since 1877.  And then, this is more than the value of everything produced in the world in an entire year, the entire output of all 7 billion human beings.  That’s 15% more than the combined wealth of the entire Earth.  For what, downloading some songs for free? Ridiculous.  A couple hundred million should be enough.  Luckily, it looks like the judges are pretty much telling the RIAA to gtfo.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) estimates that filesharing website LimeWire owes it over $72 trillion dollars (£46 trillion) in damages.

In October 2010, Limewire was forced to shut down after a judge in the Federal District Court ruled that its main filesharing functions be disabled, but the RIAA is still actively pursuing its owners for damages.

Given that the combined wealth of the entire planet is around $60 trillion (£38 trillion), the RIAA likely has no hope of securing this in damages, but believe this is what it is owed, reports Computerworld.com.